DATE: December 2, 2020

SCHEDULE: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm 

REGISTRATION FEE: $150 members; $175 nonmembers

Cybersecurity Bootcamp – To Protect Your Organization from a Cybersecurity Threat


George Robertson, President
Robertson Consulting, LLC

During this Bootcamp session, we will review the current trends regarding data breaches and gather a better understanding of potential threats.  We will also discuss the current regulations and data breach laws that have been passed over the past several years and help you to better understand the requirements for abiding by these new regulations and the penalties associated with each.

We will review some of the more prominent data breaches that have occurred and discuss the cause, impact, and protective measures taken to prevent another attack. 

In Session II our discussion will move to the ways your organization can begin to start protecting yourself from a data breach.  An overview of Administrative, Physical, and Technical safeguards will be discussed so that your business can begin to prepare your own Written Information Security Plan.

Session III will provide information on current Work from Home security tips that will assist your business in cybersecurity hygiene.   You will learn the anatomy of a data breach from a cyber liability perspective, understand the key areas a cyber liability policy cover and the questions you should ask your insurance agent to better protect your business.  Finally, we will discuss what should be included in your Written Information Security Plan.

Course Outline:

Session I - Getting Started - Warmup

  • Overview of the Cybersecurity Landscape 
  • State, Federal, and Industry Regulations Overview 
  • Breaking News – Review of major cyber-attacks

      (Total 50 Minutes)

Session II – Getting in Shape - What You Should Know About Safeguards

  • Administrative Safeguards 
  • Physical Safeguards
  • Technical Safeguards

      (Total 50 Minutes)

Session III – Protecting the Home Front

  • Work From Home Cybersecurity Tips 
  • Cyber Liability Insurance – From A Breach Perspective
  • What You Should Include In A Written Information Security Plan

      (Total 50 Minutes)

CE: 3 hours