Membership Categories and Dues

Membership Year

The AENC membership year begins September 1 and ends August 31.


Membership Categories

Association Management Members
Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and staff personnel who devote 50% or more of their working time to general association management duties in a trade, technical, educational, philanthropic, or business association, or in individual membership societies with a common professional or business interest.

Affiliate Members
Per AENC bylaws, “Affiliate Membership shall be available to any individual, who has an interest in associations or who provides goods and services to associations, or who is employed by an organization that has an interest in associations or that provides goods and services to associations but who does not otherwise qualify for Association Professional Membership”. The below is a list of business types our Affiliate Members typically fall into. However, if you would like to be a Member of AENC but you do not fit in one of the categories, please connect with AENC staff to discuss how you may be able to participate as an AENC Member.

  • Attorney/Legal
  • Financial Services
  • Event Services - (AV, Facilities without hotel accommodations, catering)
  • Hotel/Resort
  • Consulting/Communications
  • Speaker/Speakers Bureau
  • DMOs/CVBs
  • Graphic Design/Printing/Promotional Products & Gifts
  • Website Design/IT
  • Photography
  • Meeting Planners, non-association
  • Advocacy - consultants, researchers and lobbyists
  • Recruiting and other HR services

CVB Members
Any individual who is employed by a Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Retired Members
Any individual who previously held an AENC Membership and is retired from full-time work.

Life and Honorary Members
Life and Honorary Membership may be conferred at such times and under such terms as the Board shall determine.

Membership Dues

The AENC Membership dues year is September 1 – August 31. Membership will be active upon receipt of dues payment along with membership application or renewal. There are no refunds for cancelled memberships.

Association Management Members

First member $295
   2nd-9th subsequent members $145 per member
10th and more subsequent members $125 per member


Example 1: Your organization has 3 members.
The first member pays $295. The second and third members pay $145 each.
Total dues invoice for the organization is $585. The dues invoice will be sent to the organization’s primary contact.

Example 2: Your organization has 11 members.
The first member pays $295. The second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth members pay $145 each. The tenth and eleventh members pay $125 each.
Total dues invoice for the organization is $1,705. The dues invoice will be sent to the organization’s primary contact.

Affiliate Members
$335 per member

CVB Members
$295 per member

Retired Members
Retired executive, no longer employed or seeking employment by an association.
$50 per member

Proration of Dues for New Members

 Available to first-time new members only.

September – December    no proration
   January deduct $20
February deduct $30
March deduct $40
April deduct $50
May deduct $60
June deduct $70


After the AENC Annual Meeting in July, pay the next year’s dues and get the rest of July and all of August for free.


Membership Transfers

Membership belongs to the entity that pays for it. In the case of staff changes, membership may be transferred from one person to another within the same organization.



Call AENC Member Services at 919-848-8255 Madi McDougald or email