AENC desires to be a leader, not only in thought but in action, in all matters relative to diversity, inclusion & unity. Our goal is to educate & implement, as well as inspire others to educate & implement robust practices that honor and respect all people, that demonstrate the power of inclusivity and that when successful, leads our organizations and society closer to true unity.  

To be more impactful, AENC has partnered with The Diversity Movement on this DEIA resource library to highlight various elements of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA). The resources found below are a combination of free and paid, but can all be used to educate our members on implementing DEI into overall organizational structures and processes. Through this trusted collaboration, we are using their team of DEI experts to provide a customized mix of online learning, tools, events, and consulting services that help your associations create a sustainable culture.

The Diversity Movement (TDM) is a results-oriented, data-driven strategic partner for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. TDM exists to shift individual behavior at every level of the organization, so those individuals can form high-performing teams that deliver better business outcomes. To that end, TDM works hand-in-hand with every client to build and support a DEI roadmap designed to reap the benefits of a more inclusive workplace and world.


Diversity Equity Inclusion Accessibility (DEIA) Resource Library

Online Courses

TDM is providing two of their online training courses to our members at a 25% off discount. 


Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox Essentials
An abridged version of our full Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox course, this essentials version is tailored to those who want to learn more about diversity and inclusion but may not be in a position within their organization to enact a diversity program. This course focuses on what diversity really means, how to overcome unconscious bias, and how to communicate inclusively and effectively with co-workers, customers, clients, vendors, and partners.
Approved for 1.5 CEs for CAE and CMP.

Enter coupon code aencdei for 25% off.

Disability Inclusion: Putting Untapped Talent to Work
This 5-module course will show you how to integrate disability inclusion into the core of your organization’s culture, strategy, and daily operations, so that you can incite cultural change around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Disability inclusion is an important step in the national movement toward greater DEI, especially in the workplace. Although disability rights are protected by the ADA, they can be difficult to translate into practice. Even with the best intentions, many people do not know how to adapt their organizations, products, programs, and services to embrace and respect people who have disabilities. Inclusion isn’t just good for people; it’s good for business too. This course will show you how.
Approved for 5 CEs for CAE and CMP.

Enter coupon code aencdei for 25% off.

Click here to sign up for this course.
Click here to sign up for this course.


Recommended TDM DEI Content (White Papers | Webinars | Podcasts | Articles)

Content shown here is all provided at no cost to AENC members. Content will be updated quarterly, so check back periodically for new resources!

Impactful steps the C-Suite can take to create a more diverse workplace

Tackling Multicultural Marketing Like a Pro

Disability Etiquette

Accessibility & Inclusion for All Webinar

What Gets Measured, Gets Done: Measuring the Effectiveness of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

LGBTQIAP+ Inclusivity Guide 

Diversity Beyond the Checkbox Podcast 

10 Effective Ways to Measure Diversity & Your Organizational Readiness


Other Relevant DEIA Resources:

Women of color in the workplace: The persistent obstacles and how you can rise to meet them | Fingerprint for Success Website


 If you have any questions about resources listed, or want more information, please reach out to Julie Keith ([email protected]).