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2023 Speaker Lineup (in show order)

Leveraging the 4 C's of an ICONIC Mindset for Success

Calvin Stovall

Speaker: Calvin Stovall,

Without question the last few years have been filled with challenges, unsuspected turns and sudden surprises. American Professor of mathematics at Temple University, John Allen Paulos said, “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.” A person’s ability to thrive in these turbulent times is how well they can shift their mindset, remain adaptable and flexible and learn how to apply the 4 C's of an ICONIC Mindset. 


Stefanie AdamnsSpeaker: Stefanie Adams, Why Not You People Development

The future of work is changing and it is necessary we change HOW we lead to build the workforce of tomorrow.  

 CheerLEADERship incorporates best leader practices with cheerleading strategies to improve organizational culture, employee engagement, and business impact.  This session will introduce actionable strategies to empower first time and front line leaders leading diverse, multigenerational teams to create, support, and guide employees through five core leadership competencies:  connect, care, challenge, celebrate, and inspire.  

 Be prepared for engagement, energy, and interaction!  2, 4, 6, 8...want to make your workplace really great?  Harness the power of CHEER!

Who's Your Person? The Importance of Connection in the Workplace

Ruby Brown-Herring

Speaker: Ruby Brown-Herring, MEd, BSW (she|her),

Bert had Ernie. Timon and Pumbaa. Meredith had Christina. But have you ever found yourself struggling to identify your “person”? This session will we explore the importance of social and community health to employee mental well-being. In today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to have a strong support system and connections that uplift us and help us navigate the challenges in life. We will delve into the question, "Who is Your Person?" and help you discover the individuals who positively impact your well-being and foster a sense of belonging.

Success Strategies for Recently Promoted Managers

Bill Maichano

Speaker: Bill Malchano,

Many managers were top performers in their previous roles and found themselves catapulted to positions of management without the training, tools, and systems that they needed to get their teams to perform at a high level. We will share with you some of those strategies.

Inbound Marketing: The Formula for Making your Website and Digital Doorstep a 24/7 Salesperson  

Theresa Bassett

Speaker: Theresa Bassett,

*How to Attract More of the Right Conversations

*The Marketing Mix - Organic Search + Paid

*Clarity is King - Brand Optimization & Messaging

Bridging the Gap | Unlocking the Power of Collaboration Between the Generations

Peter AgiovlassitisSpeaker: Peter Agiovlassitis,

In this evolving world characterized by technological advancements, social change, and diverse perspectives, collaboration has never been more crucial.

Using his signature blend of humor and information, Peter Agiovlassitis provides a clear understanding of the generational divides and offers strategies for effectively managing and working with people across the generations.

This presentation explores establishing clear cultural values and the skills necessary to inspire, motivate, and unite various teams.

RESET Your Buttons And Create Relationships that Work!

Mary Elizabeth Murphy

Speaker: Mary Elizabeth Murphy,

RESET Your Buttons is a proprietary Model, Method and Mindset based on the book of the same title by Mary Elizabeth Murphy, Founder, Author and CEO of S.T.A.R. Resources. The RESET model and accompanying tools allow us to customize a targeted delivery to your association's specific needs, whether that be a keynote, breakout or workshop. We marry your organization's unique button pushing challenges with the RESET model. We create a customized workshop in real time based on conference attendees response to the question "What Pushes Your Buttons?"

Reach The HEARTs Of Your Audience: Master Public Speaking

Jasmin Haley

Speaker: Jasmin Haley,

Every thought leader, business owner, and expert must develop public speaking, presentation, and delivery skills to move & influence an audience. This immersive course is designed to transform your public speaking skills, enabling you to connect deeply with any audience. It delves into the art and science of engaging talks, providing you with essential tools to captivate and inspire. You'll learn powerful techniques to weave emotion and narrative into your presentations, ensuring your message isn't just heard but felt and remembered.

Master the craft of emotionally resonant speeches, utilize storytelling to forge genuine connections, and implement practical strategies for managing stage presence and audience interaction. Develop a personal speaking style that underscores authenticity and influence, leaving a lasting impression on your listeners and amplifying your message with heart.

Set Goals All The Time

Jeremy Wall

Speaker: Jeremy Wall,

Session Description: Do you come to work, every day, knowing what your personal goals are? More so, could you or others at your office tell me what the company’s goals are for this year? In this session, you will learn where to start and how to continually improve your own goalsetting process, both for the short and long-term goals. Effective leaders use goals to align the entire team around a shared vision of the future, and as a tool to empower those around them to focus on the daily actions and decisions that move the entire organization toward defining and achieving success.    

 Learning Outcomes: 

  • Refine your long-term goal, aka your vision, that moves everyone together toward a shared future. 
  • Understand the three fundamental types of organization-wide goals (financial, customer, & employee) and how to measure and manage each.  
  • Establish the frameworks that must be in place to create ‘good goals’ for the company, departments, and individuals.

Silent Symphony: Unveiling the Subtext

Vidya Raman

Speaker: Vidya Raman,

Are you listening? Really listening? Peter Drucker's wisdom, "The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said," underscores the value of subtle cues like tone and context. In professional setting, such oversights can lead to lost opportunities and misunderstandings. Often, people leave intentions unspoken, relying on implicit cues. This presentation provides practical tips for attentive listening, vital for navigating workplace challenges, building connections, and preventing missteps. In the dynamic world of work, understanding the unspoken can be the key to success.

Excel Under Pressure

Stan Phelps

Speaker: Stan Phelps,


In a world where we lose one out of every four customers each year and only close one out of every four sales opportunities, the session provides a guide to driving sales and deepening relationships.